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Visual Graphic Arts – Cloud Sculpting with Lasers – The Future is Here

August 3rd, 2021

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, indeed, we have taken this common phrase and used it in our daily lives, as we talk with friends and family. The visual arts a much like this. What do I mean by visual arts? Well, things like architecture, photography, paintings, and cloud sculpting with lasers. What? Come again, what the heck is cloud sculpting with lasers you ask? Assuming you know what clouds are and lasers are it is self-explanatory right? Sure it is, but it’s nothing you have ever seen so now I have indeed, piqued your curiosity.

Yes, that was the point of course, so you are intrigued by this concept are you? Well, I know I was when I first learned of it. It seems some University Students playing around with lasers under a research grant from the military were testing these low powered lasers and noticed that they could drill holes in the clouds and cause them to swirl, yep, you guessed it, just like a kid playing with finger paints, probably one of the first visual arts you learned, they wrote their names in the clouds.

And folks that is how laser cloud art came to be. After some practice they could draw on the clouds slightly and someone figured out that if they set up a computer to a mechanism they could use a graphic arts program and a CADCAM to design something and have the laser, well, do its thing on the cloud and draw a picture. So, this is h