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How to Choose a Great Graphic Designer

June 6th, 2021

Why would you want a graphic designer? When you want to create a visual representation of a particular idea or message that achieves instant recognition.

Choosing the right person or studio can sometimes be difficult for many people who are uncertain of exactly what qualities to look for in a good designer. Here are some pointers.


If you cannot get your message across to your designer then it may well be impossible to get the results you want. The right person for your project is likely to be personable and professional. Select a designer that you will enjoy working with and one that also ticks all the boxes for your intended campaign.

Education and experience

Graphic design is a fusion of art and technology where basic principles can directly affect the outcome of any campaign. Well rounded training, not just software skills, is another trait that all good graphic artists should have. A strong understanding of these fundamental operations will relay a better translation of your desired outcome.


All artists have portfolios, a body of work which they have completed to date. Good designers should have a strong showcase of creations within a diverse range. Look for products that are in the same area that you are seeking. All campaigns should have memorable and applicable imagery covering a variety of styles and mediums.

The ability to tell a story visually

Visual marketing skills are paramount when selecting the right designer for the product. The visual artist will be able to articulate clearly the goals of the intended campaign and effectively convey this to the target audience. The capacity to convey the visual story in an engaging and compelling manner is the mark of a superior graphic technician.


This is where first class business skills and good time management are important. The designer should always have a finger on the pulse of your campaign. Failure to do so can mean cost overruns and ultimately, the total demise of your promotion.


There are a few ways to apply this acronym. I like “Keep It Simple Smart”. A designer that follows this standard will often look after most of the above topics. If you want a logo design and it comes back looking like Jackson Pollock’s “Blue Poles”, alarm bells should probably be going off.

To summarise

Most good designers will cover several varying design styles with some more adept in certain fields and mediums. While having a diverse range of design techniques at your fingertips are a good advantage, you need to be aware of the particular types of graphic design that will be beneficial to your campaign. Try interviewing three graphic designers, introduce them to your vision. Keep in mind some of the advice above and I hope you will find an extremely valuable member of your team. Lastly, have a regard for the designers input and experience. This will help to ensure that your partnership is fruitful and successful.

Graphic design, in essence, refers to a variety of artistic and professional creative disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is never more important than in visual medium. Graphic designers’ therefore, select various methods and mediums to create a visual representation of a particular idea or message that will achieve instant recognition.